Lawn Care

Are you tired of battling your thin, patchy, weedy lawn? Your thick, green, healthy lawn is closer than you think. We will tackle your grass so you don’t have to. Call or us today or request a free estimate and start your lawn on the path to health. We serve Hubertus, Slinger, Richfield WI and the surrounding area.

Exceptional Weed Control

Schoofs GreenWorks can clean up any lawn, no matter how thick the weeds, dandelions and thistles. We use both pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds from growing and post-emergent herbicides to take care of visible weeds. Our controlled boom sprayer achieves extremely uniform coverage, lowering the rates of the herbicides needed. You will see results after the first application.

High Tech Fertilizers

Schoofs GreenWorks uses custom blended fertilizers, mixed specifically for our soil type, to bring you outstanding results. Our blends are comprised of the latest technology, using slow release fertilizers so we get better results with less product. Your lawn’s color and growth response will be more even and controlled, resulting in easy mowing and more sustained color and growth.

Best of all, our fertilizers are environmentally friendly! Because we use less, the chance of leaching and run off is greatly reduced. Who said you couldn’t have a thick green lawn and be a steward for the environment?


Lawn aeration loosens the soil to allow for air exchange, enhanced root growth and reduces thatch build up. You will be surprised how this form of lawn care stimulates your lawn.

Insect Control

Occasionally insects cause problems in our northern lawns. Cinch bugs, grubs, Japanese beetles, bill bugs, and sod webworms can damage your grass. When problems do arise, we are ready to apply appropriate insecticides to rid your yard of pests.

Ready to transform your lawn? Request an estimate today!

“If you want a thick, green lawn, call Andy Schoofs!”

— Louis M. in Richfield, WI

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