Prairie Installation

Are you interested in beautifying your property with native wildflowers? Our prairie installations will increase the beauty of your yard with native flowers and grasses while attracting birds and butterflies. 

Why Prairie?

Prairies are native to most of southern Wisconsin. They are unmatched in beauty, virtually maintenance free when established, and create an oasis for beneficial wildlife. Tall grass prairie is the most endangered ecosystem in North America.

Native Prairie Installations

Our prairie ecologist will meet with you and help you choose prairie plants specific to your site’s soil and space. Plantings can be adjusted to attract more butterflies, increase food for birds, or create an unique look for your landscape. Seed mixes contain at least 20 species of wildflowers and grasses. Call Schoofs GreenWorks for a free consultation with our prairie ecologist.

Call us today to learn how we can convert part of your yard into a native wildflower garden.

“Our newly installed shrubs and flower garden designed by Andy enhance our landscaping.”

— Barb & Dennis V. in Jackson, WI

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