Tree Pruning, Trimming, and Removals

Trees are the foundation of your landscape, and it’s time to start treating them that way. Our certified arborists will keep your trees strong and healthy, as properly pruned trees better stand the test of time and weather.

Structural Pruning of Young Trees

The number one way to grow strong healthy mature trees is to structurally prune them when they are young. Young trees often have poor and weak branching, which may cause damage to the trees and surrounding homes later on. Our certified arborist will structurally prune your young trees to help ensure their strength and longevity.

  • Cleaning - Prune out dead, damaged (rubbing), diseased, dying, dumb branches.
  • Thinning - Should not exceed 25% on mid-aged trees.
  • Raising - Maintain safety clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, and mowing.
  • Reducing - Make cuts to trunk, or to a lateral that can assume a dominant role (>1/3 diam.)
  • Restoring - For previously topped or storm damaged trees. Thin out watersprouts and reduce the remaining vigorous shoots. Remove any dead stubs to live wood.

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“Thanks for the fine work this year!”

— Bruce S. in Richfield,WI

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